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140901 D&E SKELETON FM in TokyoーHae leaking info about jpn ver of mamacita and a sj jpn album

Manager/pd at the side waving frantically for donghae to shut up. Hyuk just let hae continue and hae mentioned another eunhae album and concert. Manager/pd having a mental breakdown at the side. Hae looked at hyuk and just laughed… Then hyuk said this is what we’re thinking, and pretend that you didn’t know about the future plans

Cr: 掌心witheunhae
Trans: worldwideelfs (via donghaeguns)

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…Because ELF exists, SuJu can breathe…
Donghae—-7jib Thanks To Message……No, you have it wrong, Hae, ‘Because SuJu exists, ELF can breathe’.  (via clownfishae)